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EG-Q SPECIAL (Wound Dressing)

EG-Q SPECIAL is a waterproof wound dressing which is used to protect the small wounds.

  • Overview
    Existing disposable band-aids are difficult to apply to curved areas, and are inconvenient because they are not waterproof, while some liquid bandages cause severe irritation when applied to wounds. EG-Q SPECIAL, through its patented technology, features a pain-free, waterproof liquid bandage. Quickly evaporated liquid technology forms a film to protect wounds, while patented nanopores enhance breathability, resulting in fast recovery.
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    Product Line Product Name Development Plans
    2020 1Q21 2Q21 3Q21 4Q21 2022
    Wound Dressings(OTC) EG-Q® Special

    In development

    In preparation for clinical trials

    Product launched