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Drug Delivery Platform Technology based on Nano-bio Materials

Drug delivery platform technology designed to maximize efficacy while simultaneously minimizing side effects of existing drugs by delivery to desired targets

  • Overview
    Theramx has been steadily conducting collaborative research involving nano, bio, and polymer technologies verified through Korean Food and Drug Administration and European CE authority, together with advisory research fellows of leading external research institutions. Based on nano-biomaterials manufacturing technology and bio-adhesive technology, Theramx is developing a drug delivery system enabling progressive, controlled and stable drug administration through a dramatic improvement in adhesiveness, permeability, sustained release and persistence which have been identified as limitations in patch-type Drug Delivery System (DDS) of the existing pharmaceutical companies.
  • Development Schedules

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    Platform Name Indication Model No. Development Plans
    2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
    TR-AR-L-System Arthritis TRX-AR-L-01

    TR-RA-L-System Arthritis TRX-RA-L-01

    Development and Certification

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