About Theramx Inc.

Theramx Inc.

Creating Value for the World


Theramx Inc. was founded on the conviction that health, and the extension of life, is one of the important values that can be provided to humankind. Our company develops treatment platforms that provide the best diagnoses and treatments.

All members of the company strive toward the goal of achieving the philosophy of “Creating Value for the World” and Therapeutic Maximization, and would like to present a new orientation and solution of treatments.

Theramx endeavors to lead the AI-based EEG diagnosis business ensuring early diagnosis and prediction for such diseases as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s, through utilization of AI-based SW development competency in brainwave tests (electroencephalography). Theramx aspires to develop nano-biomaterial new substances and drug delivery platform through advanced nanocomposite synthesis competency. Furthermore, Theramx strives to develop nano-bio convergence theragnosis using AI which can diagnose and predict such diseases as dementia or metabolic syndrome, using body fluids at early stages, utilizing AI and MEMSs (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) development competencies.

As a pioneer in the development of AI-based nano-bio convergence platform and new biomaterial substances, Theramx promises to grow to be an enterprise contributing to the enhancement of human life through the development of innovative diagnosis and drug delivery platforms, and wound treatment technology.

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