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2022.04.04 : Joseilbo - Theramx, EG-Q® BOND N Mini distribution supply contract with US and Indonesian companies
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Theramx, It announced on the 4th that it has signed a distribution contract with US(Skinstitch LLC), Indonesia(PT. Prima Centra Medika citra ) for bioadhesive 'EG-Q® Bond'.

This contract is the largest export contract of Theramx for three years, with $2,250,000 and Indonesia $750,000. In addition, it plans to expand its global business through strengthening partnerships and new contracts with companies that are already exporting to Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

The contract product is a medical device that joins the skin without the use of a separate suture.

A Theramx official said, "Starting with the European market last year, we succeeded in entering the US and Indonesia markets this year, and we are also negotiating export contracts with Middle East Asian companies. In the second quarter of this year, new products with improved containers and solutions with up to three times the amount of solutions will be launched in the second quarter of this year.”

He continued, "In order to prepare for the continued expansion of overseas exports and expansion of the domestic market, and to improve the productivity of manufacturing and manufacturing facilities (GMP), process automation and facility expansion will proceed until May. I will,” he added.