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2022.01.13 : SegyeBiz - Theramx, Starts development of AI-based Chip-type diagnostic kit technology
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Theramx announced on the 13th that it has started developing a prototype of a semiconductor-type diagnostic kit (LOC: lab-on-a-chip) that can diagnose and predict the possibility of multiple diseases using AI technology.

The semiconductor-type LOC is a diagnostic kit that allows you to quickly check the prognosis of various diseases or disorders using human body fluids or blood. According to the company, existing LOC products have been pointed out as a disadvantage in that there is a limited number of diagnosable diseases and the accuracy of data is low.

The company explains that Theramx is expected to improve the existing data processing method and utilize AI analysis technology to improve the types of diseases that can be diagnosed and the accuracy of diagnosis.

An official from the company said, "Our LOC technology is applying for a number of patents, and instead of using an organic medium with low reproducibility for protein analysis, we use an inorganic medium with low denaturation to improve data accuracy and further analyze various biological materials, so that We want to help with the diagnosis.”

He added, “The AI ​​deep learning screening platform will be used for data analysis, and the strength is that it will be able to discover complex biomarkers that cause diseases such as sepsis and metabolic syndrome.”

On the other hand, Theramx Co., Ltd. has the micro-nano composite synthesis technology and biosensing technology necessary for semiconductor-type LOC manufacturing, and there are many specialized researchers to perform this. Theramx Co., Ltd. is planning to introduce a prototype of an AI-based semiconductor-type diagnostic kit in the second half of this year.