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2021.09.06 : Medical Today - Theramx, Liquid Bandage "EGQ LIGHT" Launched in September
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Theramx announced on the 6th that it will introduce a liquid-type band-aid 'EG-Q Light' in September.

A Theramx official said, “EG-Q Light is a product that has cosmetic advantages because it does not leave marks and is transparent like an adhesive band. I can suggest it to those who need it (drying, cracking, etc.)” he said.

Currently, the EG-Q product line is being exported to Europe where wound dressings and bioadhesives are commercialized, and will participate in MEDICA, a medical equipment fair held in Germany every year.

In addition, from the second half of this year, hemostatic agents and scar treatment products developed based on the patented bioadhesive technology are planned to be released sequentially.

Meanwhile, Theramx, which developed EG-Q Light, is a company that has received international standard quality certifications such as approval from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, European CE certification, and ISO13485. are putting

EG-Q Light can be purchased online or at nearby pharmacies and medical device stores.


Existing tape-type bands do not fall off easily when attached to curved or joint areas or do not adhere well to the affected area, so there is a possibility of secondary infection. However, the company explains that EG-Q Light creates a transparent waterproof protective film when applied lightly, prevents the penetration of bacteria and water, and minimizes discomfort (stinging and odor) during use.


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